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LMS Metal Detecting - Remember it is Deer Hunting Season

Safety Reminder - Please make sure your metal detecting permission is not being shared with others before heading out! #LMSMetalDetecting #FindYourTreasure #RelicHunting

Safety First LMS Metal Detecting - Deer Hunting Season
Safety First

With cooler Fall temperatures finally arriving many Relic Hunters are gearing up to hit their new sites or those good old hunted-out permissions that somehow just keep producing relics! We know it’s been a long hot summer but let’s not forget that it is now Deer Hunting Season and some of those relic permissions might have been shared with others without you being notified. After all, it’s not the property owner’s responsibility to keep you informed.

Please remember safety is always first, so take the time to check in with property owners before heading out this season.

We always recommend completing a check list before heading out for a day of metal detecting. Let’s face the hard cold truth that we have all forgotten to take digging tools, headphones, pinpointers, and just about everything else with us at some point! A simple check list will prevent this, and you’ll also probably have included a nice snack to enjoy at some point during the day! It only makes sense to include a few points on such a list that address your personal safety that could possibly be mistakenly overlooked or forgotten. We will include a few things to consider adding to your list below, and if you think of something else, please feel free to add it in the comments!

  • Check in with permission / property owner before heading out
  • Medications - EpiPen (check expiration date) Nitroglycerin
  • First Aid Kit in your car / truck
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you’ll be back
  • Handheld GPS - if you’re going to be hiking in and know how to correctly use it

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