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XP Metal Detectors | WSAUDIO Headset | LMS Metal Detecting


Manufacturer SKU WSAUDIOX20

XP Metal Detectors WSAUDIO Headset

Wireless backphone, fully weatherproof, foldable, compact, lightweight, perfect for the ORX.

Advantage: you can separate the WSA module from the rest of the headset. This allows you to redeem only the frame and speakers if they become damaged. Allowing you to keep your devices like new at a lower cost remains a permanent focus for XP.

Detachable control module for connecting a wired headset (optional) or easily replacing the back phone frame

    WS4 Benefits Summary:

    • Backphone wireless headset
    • Lightweight, foldable, rainproof, storage box
    • Volume control button
    • Clip-on headset to change the backphone
    • Lithium battery warranty 2 years


    XP Wireless Compatibility Chart




    Volume setting buttons

    Foldable and ergonomic


    Lithium powered with long battery life: 27 hours

    Fast charge USB protocol: 2 hours
    Headphone battery level led
    Designed to last, 5 Year warranty
    Made in France


    XP Metal Detectors | LMS Metal Detecting

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      XP Metal Detectors | WSAUDIO Headset | LMS Metal Detecting


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