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Garrett | Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector | LMS Metal Detecting


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Manufacturer SKU 1151970

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Garret Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector With Underwater Headphones

Ideal for Beaches, Lakes, Oceans, and all Waterways. The Sea Hunter has been The Master of Water Treasure Hunting for over 25 years.

Product Highlights:

  • 8″ PROformance™ submersible search coil
  • Frequency: 750 Pulses Per Second
  • Total Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.6 kgs)
  • Circuit Type: Cancels Salt & Ground Mineralization with Pulse Induction Circuitry
  • Submersion Depth: Submersible at 200 Feet Deep

Garrett Metal Detectors | LMS Metal Detecting

Garrett | Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector | LMS Metal Detecting


Garrett Metal Detectors

Sea Hunter Mark II Overview

The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II has an unparalleled reputation among treasure hunters, law enforcement agencies and various industries as one of the most reliable and sophisticated submersible metal detectors of its kind. The Sea Hunter Mark II is an advanced microprocessor-driven instrument that is lightweight, highly durable and easy to use.

The Sea Hunter’s pulse induction (PI) circuitry provides excellent depth and enables you to find treasure without interference from salt water and most ground minerals.

Garrett Sea Hunter Manual

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector | LMS Metal Detecting


  • Circuit type: Pulse Induction technology for automatic cancellation of salt/ground mineralization
  • Audio Threshold, Adjustable: Adjust to user’s preference
  • User-adjustable Discrimination/Elimination
  • Hip Mount Belt/Pouch: Reduces detector weight for long searches
  • Discrimination Modes: Two operating modes (Standard or Discrete) offer varying levels of non-ferrous target discrimination
  • Discrete Trash Elimination: Use to eliminate most pull tabs and foil without significantly degrading sensitivity for rings and coins
  • Standard Trash Elimination: Provides the deepest possible detection; allows a very slow search coil sweep in areas with little trash
  • Independently sealed battery compartment
  • Search Mode: Non-Motion All Metal Deep seeking Mode with Full Range PI discrimination
  • Submersion Depth: Submersible at 200 Feet Deep
Factroy Included Items
  • Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector
  • 8″ PROformance™ submersible search coil and cover
  • Submersible Headphones
  • Belt pouch
  • Manual
Garrett Metal Detectors | LMS Metal Detecting


Manufacturer: Garrett
Manufacturer SKU: 1151970
Detector Type: Surf and Dive
Detection Performance: Good detection on all targets from jewelry to coins.
Ground Balance Capabilities: No
Balances to Saltwater: Yes
FastTrack Ground Balance: No
Continuous GroundTrack: No
User Controls/Functions: Control knobs to alter Audio Threshold, Discrimination. Sensitivity/Depth adjustment is fixed.
EMI Control: Good immunity in moderate EMI environments. No frequency adjustment available.
Discrimination/Delay: Adjustable via control knob
Iron Audio: No
Search Modes: 2 Trash Elim Modes (both Motion Modes)
Submersion Depth: 200 feet (65m)
Standard Search Coil: 8" Mono
Length (Adjustable): 28" to 52" (.71m - 1.32m)
Power: 8 AA alkaline
Headphones Included: Standard Submersible
Total Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.3 kgs) stem-mounted
Warranty: 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

See - frequently asked question

Can I adjust the volume on this unit?

The Sea Hunter has a fixed volume and is not adjustable.

Will this detector work above ground too?

Yes is certainly will. Thank you for your question.

Are the waterproof headphones included with it?

Yes the headphones are included with this purchase.

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